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SchoolPeaklane Private Schools was founded in 1999 by a seasoned and qualified educationist in her quest to bring up children with enviable character and excellent academic performance.

The school is poised to provide dynamic academic training environment, adequate teaching equipment, in addition to competent and committed staff who are ready to carefully train and shape our future leaders to the peak of their intellectual and spiritual glory.

  • Our Environment
    Our environment is specially designed to stimulate physical, intellectual and moral growth of our pupils and students. We have decent, well ventilated classrooms with immaculately cleaned washrooms and beautiful lawns
  • Health
    In Peaklane Schools, the health and well being of our pupils are taken quite seriously. To this effect, we have provided an in-house recovery room to take care of minor ailments that may occur within the period is in session.
  • School Curriculum
    In accordance with the Federal Government's Policy on National Education, the school provides a wide variety of subjects geared towards the holistic development of our pupils.